Royal Names and No Ball Games. ~ Fae Elizabeth Drive tae Charles Lane. ~ The garages, the park, to Margaret Avenue. ~

Aw hooses noo. ~ No Ball Games. ~ Somebody set fire to the rabbie and we all just stood and watched. ~ Was that any of you boys naw? Naw. ~ Philip Avenue, Charles Crescent, Charles Lane. ~ No Ball Games. ~ Don’t cry. If yi cry he’ll see yi and he’ll say he won the fight. Ah ken you had him pinned doon but your nose is bleeding and that’s all he’ll tell folk. ~ No Ball Games. ~ He just lobbed this old crate at me and he’s two years younger so what the fuck was ah gonnie dae? Ah’ll tell yi, yi shoulde fuckin hammered um when yi hud the chance wee man. ~ Anne Street, St. Columba’s Primary, Philip Avenue again. ~ No Ball Games. ~ When they first built that Chapel there was a near fucking riot ah’ll tell yi that. ~

3 goals in 3 No Ball Games. ~ You’ll never get a BMX up that hill. ~ Andrew Avenue to Elizabeth Drive to Elizabeth Lane. ~ No Ball Games. ~ A drumkit’s some hing to shift. ~ Was that you making that racket aye? Call that music dae yi? Sounded pish. ~ No Ball Games. ~ Somebody (the auld Cochrane?) complained to the council, shut it down. ~ The Cochie stole ma spade. ~ It’s ma ball and am gaun hame. ~ So Elizabeth Drive to Marina Road then, practice at the hut next to the school. ~ No Ball Games. ~ I’ve never heard of a Princess Marina either. ~ Book in advance there’s a parenting class. ~ No in ma day. ~ No Ball Games.

Gina’s, Shaz, Ali & Sons (“The Englishman’s”). ~ Ice poles. ~ No Ball Games. ~ KEEP BOGHALL TIDY: Edinburgh Road. ~ The BMXy and a bit of led pipe. ~ Getting chased. I quite like a chase. ~ Family Choice Supermarket. ~ No Ball Games. ~ At that hairdresser’s they tear the fucking hair fae yer scalp ah swear man. ~ Charles Crescent, his name was Calum but then it was John-Paul, ah dinnae really ken what that’s aboot either man, his da fucked off. Still a wee prick. ~ From Charles Crescent to Charles Lane. ~ No Ball Games. ~ Every wean wi a set of golf clubs and no a club member atween them. Ah’ll tell yi. ~ Boghall Primary School. ‘Our Names.’ My name is David I am 7 years old my dad named me after the Rangers player Davie Cooper I would like to meet my dad one day. ~ Boghall Video Centre. ~ No Ball Games. ~ Boghall Health Centre. All Grass’s Will Be Executed RIP Holly and Jessica All Beasts’s Will Be Executed RIP Owen Hart Wellcome to Hell IRA Shamrock No Surenderr Swastika. ~ Anne Street, a close at the top of Marina Road. ~ Manse Road. ~ Burning doon the community centre and writing BIN LADEN oan the fucking ruin. Ah’ll tell yi. ~ No Ball Games. ~ Who drank in the community centre anyway? ~ No Ball Games. ~ Aye ah know where you stay too pal so fuckin try it. ~ Margaret Avenue. ~ It’s no your ball it’s ma pal Billy’s ball, aye cos he fuckin stole it aff me, just kick it back or am fuckin climbin over that fence right noo. ~ Ah’ll tell yi. ~ Plenty ae Royal Names.  ~ No Ball Games.